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Representative Bio

Jim Popp is the Managing Partner of Popp Hutcheson and leader of the Legislative Affairs Team.

Jim started his property tax career in 1979 as counsel to the Ways and Means Committee of the Texas House of Representatives. In this position, he was responsible for drafting and explaining many sections of the Texas Property Tax Code during its initial codification in 1979, and its substantial revision in 1981. He then served with the Office of General Counsel of the State Property Tax Board during the implementation period of the Property Tax Code.

Since entering private practice, Jim has been involved in the successful resolution of over 7000 property tax lawsuits as well as the drafting of numerous items of legislation in the state of Texas. These include the equal and uniform statute, and the attorney's fee for property owners statute. Jim has authored articles published in National Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Forum,, Hotel Investor, The Journal of Property Tax Management, and the Texas Bar Journal.

Jim is a member of the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (IPT), the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP) and the Property Tax Subsection of the Texas State Bar Association. He was instrumental in the creation of TAPTP and the State Bar Property Tax Subsection.

Jim received his B.A. with Honors, M.P.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Texas.

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  Firm Information:

Popp Hutcheson PLLC, believes that in the selection of property tax representation: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS

Popp Hutcheson devotes its practice to the representation of taxpayers in the reduction of property taxes. We believe that property tax professionals should be ethical and honest in all facets of performance. We also believe we should be as well educated in valuation as in the law. We believe that better service comes through better communication with our clients.

Popp Hutcheson began in 1983, and is the largest firm of its kind in the United States. With 9 attorneys, 13 tax professionals and a terrific support staff; our goal is to provide unmatched depth of experience, passion and communication.

Popp Hutcheson is one of the few law firms that provide true full service: with "start to finish" property tax representation at the appraisal review board, the district court, the appellate courts and at the legislature. This start to finish representation is provided by a unique blend of lawyers and tax professionals.

We are well versed in appraisal theory and practice based upon experience and training, appraisal course work, and the services of an advisory MAI led appraisal firm. We have published many property tax articles which, thru peer review, and industry scrutiny, provide an indication of the depth of PGH's knowledge. We have spent untold hours drafting legislation and lobbying on behalf of property taxpayers.

These actions, which distinguish us from others, make Popp Hutcheson: The Property Tax Firm of Texas.




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