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Georgia Property Tax Updates

UPDATED june 2024

Potential Change for Georgia Tax Tribunal

HB 1267 was signed by the governor on May 6, 2024 providing for the structure, purpose, and guiding principles of a Georgia Tax Court. HR 598 was passed providing for a November 5th referendum vote to amend the Georgia Constitution creating the Georgia Tax Court as an independent tax court under the judicial branch, replacing the Georgia Tax Tribunal. For ad valorem property tax purposes, the Georgia Tax Tribunal currently hears appeals of centrally assessed properties, such as public utilities, airlines, and railroads. The GTC would have jurisdiction over these property tax appeals, and would also include consideration of constitutional issues and statutory interpretations. If approved by voters, the GTC decisions would be directly appealable to the Georgia Court of Appeals, instead of the Fulton County Superior Court with application to the Georgia Court of Appeals. The GTC would begin operations on January 1, 2026 and receive cases on August 1, 2026.

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