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Maryland Property Tax Updates

UPDATED September 2018

Assessment Appeal Quirks and Deadlines

Maryland continues to see various counties and incorporated cities attempt new avenues to raise tax revenue through issuing or challenging assessments.

County and City Finance Departments have begun to challenge assessments for properties that trade at values higher than their subsequent reassessments. Montgomery County and Baltimore City have exercised this right continuously throughout the most recent reassessment. Taxpayers should be aware that Maryland Law allows counties and cities to challenge tax assessments. Always be on the lookout for a notice of such an appeal once the property you recently purchased is reassessed.

Montgomery County has begun to issue new construction assessments for tenant build-outs that cost $100,000 or more. Taxpayers should be monitoring for quarterly assessments once a new lease is signed and the tenants complete their build-out.

Out of Cycle Cases for properties not reassesed as of January 1, 2019 are due December 31, 2018. Taxpayers should begin to evaluate the performance of their properties for potential assessment appeals for properties that have experienced a significant negative change in performance in 2018.

Emily Betsill, Esquire
Wilkes Artis, Chartered
American Property Tax Counsel (APTC)

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