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Michigan Property Tax Updates

UPDATED december 2018

Preparing for Michigan’s 2019 Property Tax Season

Michigan taxpayers should receive their 2019 assessment notices during the first quarter of 2019, and most taxpayers will have them before March arrives, so taxpayers should be looking out for them.

The Proposal A “inflation rate” for 2019 is 2.4% which means that taxable values (on which taxes are based), will increase where a property’s state equalized value exceeds its taxable value. For properties that transferred during 2018, no taxable value cap applies for 2019 and these new owners should be especially aware of the potential for large tax increases.

The Legislature recently passed House Bills 6053 and 6054, which would ease penalties for taxpayers who miss payment deadlines associated with the Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Exemption (EMPP) and Essential Services Assessment (ESA). Taxpayers receiving the EMPP exemption must pay the ESA. Prior law required that the ESA be paid by August 15 of each year. If full payment were not received by October 15, the EMPP exemption was rescinded. The bills allow taxpayers to make full payment of the ESA as late as April 15 in the year following the original due date, before the EMPP exemption is rescinded. Interest will continue to accrue, but the drastic penalty of completely losing a valuable exemption for paying late has been abated. As of December 26, 2018, the Governor had not yet signed the bills, but vetoes are not expected.

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