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Michigan Property Tax Updates

UPDATED june 2020

Michigan Extends 2020 Property Tax Appeal Deadline

Due to the challenges property taxpayers faced as the pandemic took hold, Honigman’s Tax Appeal Group sought legislation to provide additional time for filing 2020 tax appeals.  That effort successfully ended on June 11, when Michigan House Bill 5766 became Public Act 88 of 2020, and August 31 became the State’s new property tax appeal deadline for the current 2020 tax year.

Honigman convincingly argued to legislators in Lansing that without the extension of the filing deadline, due to the pandemic and government office closures, taxpayers would be deprived of fundamental fairness and due process.  Legislators agreed.  The bill passed unanimously in both the Michigan House and the Michigan Senate, and it was signed into law by the Governor on June 11.  With this additional time, taxpayers can now take a holistic approach and carefully evaluate their 2020 Michigan property taxation.

Stewart Mandell
Honigman LLP
American Property Tax Counsel (APTC)

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