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Updated SEPTEMBER 2018

Changes in the Advisory Appraisal Program

Every year a small team of Washington Department of Revenue appraisers assists county assessors on an advisory basis. (Another team of appraisers at the Department values centrally assessed properties.) Upon an assessor’s request, the Department must provide advisory appraisal assistance for locally assessed industrial properties of $25 million or more, but does so at its discretion for all other types of locally assessed property.

This year’s process differed noticeably from prior years due to a new manager for the program. His objective is to make the program more responsive to user needs. But for taxpayers, the first-year results have been disconcerting. There has been less information, less transparency and less time for meaningful input. Next year the Department hopes to improve with a written manual for the program, an earlier start on its work and an earlier target date for circulating preliminary results to the stakeholders. If your property is selected for an advisory appraisal next year, be on your toes!
Norm Bruns and Michelle DeLappe
Garvey Schubert Barer
American Property Tax Counsel (APTC)

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