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Updated june 2020

Rhode Island Property Tax Bills Have Been Sent

In Rhode Island, the property tax bills for the Tax Year 2020 have been sent. The assessing date for Tax Year 2020 is December 31, 2019. The filing for an appeal with the local assessor is due within ninety days after the date the first installment of the tax is due. In the past the burden was upon the taxpayer to prove value in the tax year of revaluation which is commonly known as the base year. Some judges are now interpreting the law that the value must be proved for the tax year in which the property tax appeal is field e.g. Tax Year 2020 the value as of December 31, 2019, regardless of whehter or not it was a revaluation year. In order to be safe, it may be advisable to prove value in both the tax year of revaluation (base year) and the tax year appealed.

David G. Saliba
Saliba & Saliba
American Property Tax Counsel (APTC)

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