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Kentucky Property Tax Updates


It's Almost That Time Again.....

Kentucky Assessment Notices to Be Mailed Soon

Most Kentucky counties will be mailing out their 2019 assessment notices in April.  Kentucky law requires that a taxpayer be notified in writing of any increase in its real property tax assessment.  Taxpayers wishing to challenge their tax assessments must do so during the statutory appeal period.  This year, the appeal period will generally run from May 6 - 20.  Taxpayers whose assessments do not increase may still challenge their assessments; however, they must also do so within the appeal period, and they generally will not receive written notice of the dates for appeal.

Appeal dates may differ from county to county, so taxpayers must check with the local assessing authority for the correct appeal dates.

Failure to request an assessment conference with the county property valuation administrator during this period will generally preclude the taxpayer from any further challenge to the assessment or the tax bill for that year.

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