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Pennsylvania Property Tax Updates

UPDATED december 2023

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 2024 Tax Year Filing Period Opening

Now is the time to evaluate your Allegheny County, Pennsylvania properties for potential assessment appeal opportunities.  Allegheny County’s 2024 filing deadline is March 31, 2024. 

Allegheny County taxpayers now have a unique opportunity in 2024 to obtain assessment reductions as a result of recent corrections to the Allegheny County process made after the County was caught in fraud in how it calculated the ratio needed for the assessment process.  The assessment ratio for 2024 has dropped 9 points to 54.5% which should provide opportunities for appeals.

Now is the time to start collecting the data and documents that will be necessary to evaluate your property’s assessment to see if there is an opportunity to reduce your real estate taxes.  Owners should gather three years of income and expense statements.  Please contact us now so that we can evaluate any opportunities to reduce your property taxes with adequate time to prepare a winning case.

It is also worth noting that Pennsylvania is one of very few states that permits taxing authorities to file assessment appeals.  Owners and/or tenants should vigorously defend themselves against any assessment appeal initiated by a school district or other taxing body in Pennsylvania.

To discuss the specifics of an appeal and the valuation of your property, please contact Siegel Jennings at:

Sharon F. DiPaolo, Esquire
Siegel Jennings, Co., L.P.A.
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