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Updated December 2020

2021 Legislature and COVID-19

87th Texas Legislature

Capitol Access

Public access to the Texas Capitol remains a hot topic in Austin. In the most detailed public glimpse yet at how the 2021 legislative session might play out during a pandemic, State Rep. Charlie Geren (chair of the House Administration committee), during a Zoom meeting with a statewide association, said that masks may be required in all public parts of the Texas Capitol and that a limit could be placed on the number of people allowed inside the building. The total limit of people can range from 300 per chamber to a max of 500 people from the public. In addition, more than likely, if the Capitol is opened for public access, each visitor may be required to take a rapid COVID-19 test prior to being allowed in the Capitol.  

The Texas House and Texas Senate may also need to amend their rules if mobile floor voting, Zoom committee testimony, and limiting floor access to the respective chambers is warranted. The good news is the Legislature has already taken steps to help prepare for the upcoming session. Plexiglass shields in committee rooms have been installed, new mobile sanitizing machines have been purchased, and new air filters for the chambers, committee rooms and offices inside the Capitol have also been ordered. 

However, the only thing that is certain is this: With less than 30 days until the 87th Texas Legislature begins, there is not any consensus between the House and Senate on what protocols may be in place to ensure the Texas Capitol is open to the public. Stay tuned! 

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