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Tennessee Property Tax Updates


Paying Taxes on Properties Under Appeal in Tennessee

Taxpayers in Tennessee are often faced with tax payment deadlines prior to the conclusion of appeals filed to the Board of Equalization.  Are taxpayers in Tennessee required to pay the taxes by the delinquency date even if the appeal is not concluded?

In Tennessee, taxes based on assessments under appeal at the County and State Boards of Equalization are not deemed delinquent while the appeal is pending, so long as the undisputed portion of tax has been paid by the delinquency date.  The taxpayer may pay the amount of taxes that would be owed if the appeal is successful.  Even if the taxpayer loses the appeal, the payment of the undisputed portion allows taxpayer to pay the balance due at a favorable interest rate (two points below the composite prime rate) instead of the punitive statutory rate (18% per annum).

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